General Counsel



Experienced and Flexible General Counsel Services for Your Business

Expert General Counsel Services Tailored to Your Needs

At Rogahn Jones, we understand that not every business is ready to maintain an in-house legal department. However, the need for seasoned experience, sound advice, and reliable counsel remains crucial. Introducing our General Counsel Consulting service – a flexible and high-value solution designed to provide your company with the expertise it deserves.

Unparalleled Expertise in General Counsel Services


With over a decade of hands-on experience as an in-house General Counsel for a successful multinational company, Rod Rogahn brings a wealth of expertise to the table. He has navigated complex legal landscapes, mitigated risks, and provided strategic legal guidance that has contributed to the growth and success of diverse businesses.


At Rogahn Jones, we recognize that not all businesses are alike. Our General Counsel Consulting service offers unmatched flexibility, allowing us to tailor our approach to your unique needs. Whether you’re a small business or a growing enterprise, we adapt our services to fit seamlessly with your requirements.

Creating Exceptional Value:

We recognize the priorities of businesses in search of superior legal support that aligns with their financial goals. At Rogahn Jones, General Counsel Consulting embodies the essence of exceptional value by delivering premium legal expertise, rivaling the advantages of an in-house legal team while ensuring your financial well-being.

Your Gateway to Informed Decision-Making

Personalized Consultation:

We believe that the best way to understand your legal needs is through personalized conversations. Our initial consultations open the door to a deeper understanding of how a General Counsel can benefit your business. These conversations often reveal the critical importance of having legal guidance right from the start.

Navigating Legal Complexities:

The intricacies of legal documents and potential risks might not be immediately apparent. Our conversations shed light on the potential pitfalls your business could face without proper legal counsel. This realization becomes the foundation for establishing a trusted partnership.

Rogahn Jones – Your Business’s Trusted Partner

When you choose Rogahn Jones for your General Counsel needs, you’re choosing a partner who is dedicated to your business’s success. Our experience, flexibility, and steadfast dedication to delivering value ensure that your company gains expert guidance while staying well within your financial parameters.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. Let us show you how our General Counsel Consulting service can be your virtual law department, delivering experience, flexibility, and high value that will empower your business to make informed decisions and navigate legal challenges effectively. When collaborating with Rogahn Jones, you’re not just hiring legal counsel; you’re securing a dedicated ally who’s invested in your business’s growth and protection.